Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Tired Wife Perspective

Tonight, two things I detest became more pronounced than usual (I think due to a lack of sleep and the pain from a sore on my arm that wont go away...). I do not like bath-time. At least not when I have to do it by myself. My kids love bath-time! But who doesn't love splashy in warm water with toys in the buff? And why is it always that the kids love the things their parents loath? The screaming, splashing, the sibling wars, the partial-soaking (I want to be wet or dry, not a soppy mixture of both, yuck), and the constant fear of a 9-month old--who wont stay seated, but can't stand very well-- slipping, rendering himself unconscious, and drowning while the 22 month old sits on him. I told Brendan when he got home that its his job, I'm not doing it anymore. This summer, while Brendan is in Kenya, I'll just have dirty children.

Mostly, however, I detest the thing(s) that takes my husband away in the evening. I'm told the whole doctor thing has a good pay-off but I'll believe it when I see it. This evening my little tired self is not convinced that medical school is really worth the beating. I'll bet to the typical med-student (who thinks it's weird to be married already and insane to be deliberately reproducing, not to mention the fact that the wife doesn't contribute to society in a way deemed appropriate or legitimate) can directly withstand a lot more than I am willing to indirectly withstand. Kudos to him (yes, and her).

Meanwhile, grin and bear it. Hurrah for the year and 1/2 left! And then Residency!

When does that pay-off kick in...

Again, not convinced it's real.

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  1. I totally hear you on the "typical med student thing"! I always felt so funny going to P.'s class socials- there I was, 23,24 or 25- and almost always frumpy, sick, and pregnant- certainly a big difference from the other ladies my age at the same party. Oh well, you will all get through! I think the payoff comes when you see how happy your husband is with his career. P. loves what he does everyday- and that is important. Hang in there! We miss you guys!