Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Pres

Okay so I totally spaced putting this up! Thanks Jill for the Reminder! Some of you will know what this is, if you don't...just don't ask... It was our Nov Home, Family, Personal Enrichment night and that's my ward's Relief Society Presidency...

It does cut off at the end, sorry, our camera ran out of batteries. But the best part is the beginning anyway!

Introducing...The Pres

Ami, I'm going to grow up one day and be JUST LIKE YOU!


  1. I miss you guys SO MUCH! I could totally hear Elaine laughing and I too want to be like Ami when I grow up! Say hi to all for me! Love you ladies! :)

  2. We ALL want to be like Ami when we grow up!! I love the video but it does make me miss our great ward. Tell everyone hi for me too!!

  3. That was a fun night! I loved the entertainment! You'll have to do it again sometime. :) Cute pictures and blog too!

  4. Makes me smile everytime I watch it! I'm soooooooo glad I'm "in the dark"! lol I miss being with you guys!