Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'm determined, before I die, to stop saying stupid things (hoping that imminent death comes after my great grandchildren are raised). Someday I'll think long and hard enough about the things I'm saying, prior to their debut, that I'll catch the words that will embarrass me or hurt someone (thereby, also embarrassing me...). You know the embarrassments that really aren't funny. The ones that make you want to crawl into a hole and die months (years...) after you've said them.


Meanwhile I look utterly ridiculous in my own eyes for the stupid things I say and I'm getting really good at apologies.

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  1. Wow - with regards to the post before this one - I have a lot to look forward to (jk). You're strong, have family close by and you are a rock star. I know what you mean with the crawl in a hole and just hope no one will remember what you said, but I wonder what you said that you thinkis worthy of crawling in a hole for. I think that all of us can be guilty to some degree of saying things before thinking about it and porbably wasn't the best but then I think of all the things that you say that have a greater positive influence and remembrance than the things you hope we forget. Does that make sense? You are great Whit. Take care.