Friday, December 18, 2009

It was SO Yummy and then it Made Me Sick

I have some favorite treats, foods, snacks, etc. Well, lots of favorites, in all honesty. But there are a few that I haven't learned to control myself over. You know "Once you pop the fun don't stop!" You really can't eat just ONE potatoe chip, I dare you, see if you can do it. Half a cup of popcorn is a serving size! HA, yeah right! M&M's: I think it's something about the size, the damage just seems like it would never come with sweet chocolate so small. Smarties: I can consume more than half my weight of these things, without even noticing until my tongue starts to tingle and my head starts to throb.

I do not know how NOT to consume TOO MUCH of these
I start eating them and the compulsion takes over...

I have no will (well, I exercise no will),

No restraint (ahem, I exercise no restraint)

No thought except for the joy the taste of this overly salty, chocolatey, sugary, morsel of manna gives me in THIS instant! Sigh, Bliss.

Until about 30 minutes later when the Law of Diminishing Returns has proved its point and I feel sick, oh so very sick...
and yet, I do this repeatedly! The title of the book I'm currently reading is flashing very bright neon in my head
I also now have a new found understanding for the bugs that fly in to the window over and over and over again. This Time! This Time! This Time! This Time!