Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Announcement

So I...


Have an announcment,

Hang on, I think I'm gonna...




expecting another baby!

(attempting smile and...BBBBLLLLEEEHHHHHH)

I'm 9 weeks on Monday and until this past week I felt pretty good.

But this is what pregnancy sounds like, feels like, taste like, and we wont even go into what it smells like! BBBBLLLLEEEHHHHH!


Thursday, July 9, 2009


It's the nobodies in this world that make life worthwhile. The silent heroes that go about their common lives, in their common ways, harboring extraordinary skills and talents that are belittled and overlooked because they are "common," it is these heroes that bring about all the greatness we have to see in our world.

It is because they are common, because they are nobodies, because they really are just like us, that their triumphs move us so completely and allow us to participate in the joy of their success. They wouldn't be nobodies, nor would they be heroes, if they were aspiring to the triumphs they obtain.

God Bless the Nobodies, they're what keep the rest of us going.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Passion for Patriotism

Freedom. Liberty. The opportunity to choose. The RIGHT to choose.

My liberties and freedoms are something I think about multiple times each week. The privileges I enjoy simply by living in the United States of America, are blessings I reflect on and contemplate often. I'm daily reminded of the blessing that it is to call myself an American.

When I think of America, I think of the ability to choose. I think of myself as a 22 year old WOMAN and the opportunities that I have. I have voted in 2 presidential elections and a number of local and state elections. I have the power and opportunity to influence change and legislation by writing my Congressman and voting. Simply the fact that I'm a woman and I CAN VOTE is significant in this world. I CAN VOTE, so I DO. I think of my opportunity to obtain a secondary education, a college education, and the encouragement I receive to continually educate myself. I think of the CHOICE I made to stay home with my children. I think of the opportunity to choose who I worship and how I worship. I think of my right to inform my self and develope opinions and SHARE opinions. I'm grateful to live in a country where individual thought and purpose is encouraged and promoted. It allows us to thrive, progress, and develop talents and abilities, that are stifled and strangled by many governments around the world.

When I think of America, I think of the cost to give me the above pleasures. I think of some 200,000 farmers and shopkeepers armed with muskets, who took on the TOP MILITARY in the WORLD. AND THEY WON! By the grace and guidance of God the Father those barefooted poor soldiers with inadeqaute food, clothing, lodgings, military leadership (they had leadership, and it was pretty good, but inexperienced ESPECIALLY by comparison, their just wasn't enough expertise to go around) won our freedom at the tip of the sword and the end of musket. The fog at Trenton, the battle at McHenry...coincidence? Not so, for "Our God is marching on..."
I had family who fought in the Revolutionary War. Family members of the Sons of Liberty. Family who understood the dier need, the ABSOLUTE necessity that FREEDOM IS! And that it is COMPLETELY WORTH DEFENDING WITH OUR LIVES. When people don't think it's worth fighting for, that complacency allows men like Napoleon, Hitler, and Stallin to be the powermongers they were. Indifference causes the greatest aches and the deepest wounds, and the most damage-physical and mental.

All of the blessings I have in my life I would peg to the God-guided success of the Revolutionary War and our Independence as a country. We are a nation, a country priviledged, set apart, and consecrated for His Work. I take glory in His wisdom and pleasure in blessing His Children, with such a country.


IF you haven't read the Declaration of Independence, read it! If you haven't read our nation's Constitution, READ IT! You are priviledged, KNOW WHY!