Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear Othello, c/o William Shakespeare,

I thought I'd take a moment and tell you what I think of you. Ahem.

I think it would probably suffice to say that I agree with Emilia that you are a "jealous dolt" but I just have too many other words to share.

I should tell you that I feel sorry for you. Very sorry. If I were so pathetic, I would have "...took by th' throat the circumcised dog/And smote him, thus," too. You loved her! You LOVED HER! And you never even bothered to launch your own investigation to verify the pack of insinuations, twisted truths, and outright lies that the scum, Iago, fed to you. You acted like you were a starving pig and begged for more! How dare you take such base words at their face value without even talking to Desdemona! Stupid and rash, how did you get to be a war hero anyway. You obviously don't know how to think for yourself, masticating each slight Iago gave you with ravenous fervor that would have made a dog sick. In a matter of minutes Iago had completely unraveled your trust in Desdemona (or perhaps that was missing to begin with, eh?) and riddled your mind with a passionate jealousy that consumed every ascpect of what once alluded to a good, noble man! As a military hero, and a man highly susceptible to the opinions and ideas of others, you're success must have been sheer luck! Or perhaps you were a puppet? Someone appointed because you were easy to manipulate--weak--and thereby, the puppeteer could acheive their own means--just like the vengeful Iago. For man of such might stature, you are weak, displicably so--"like chaff in the whirldwind" you were tossed about and destroyed. You are the greatest disappointment in a suggested noble and heroic man. Pah! Except for maybe King Lear.

Othello, you make me sick. Next round, buck up and be a man! Think a little bit for yourself, make sure you have legit sources (you'd make a miserable historian) And talk to your wife! She might tell you a thing or two. Especially being that her love was so true to you that in her dying breath she doesn't sell you out! You traitor.


P.S. Mr. Shakespeare, I think you are a brilliant writer. I can appreciate your talent. Your comedies are truly enjoyable. You're tragedies suck.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Few Things I'd Miss...

Lately I've been thinking over my "I'm Grateful For" List and in an attempt to get everything (ha!) I started looking at it backwards. Now, I've attached as an earmark, the "I'm Grateful For it because I'd Miss it if it were Gone" List. So...just a few as I've just started...

Screaming wars at meal time

The neatly arranged piles in my office (all over my office! My Dad does this too and I know it makes my Mom crazy! I've seen piles of language notes in Khazak, Russian, Uzbeck, Spanish..., piles of bills, piles of "to do's" all sorts of piles that reproduce at an alarming rate (think rabbits). I had it growing up so while I was accustomed to the piles when I got married it's just one more thing to trip over. But my office would a little too neat and orderly if they weren't here, apart from the fact that that would also mean both my husband and my dad were no longer around.

The post it note in the middle of the hall

Dippy Sauce

The laughs and squeals, long past bedtime, from the room down the hall

Twinkling fingers

Long conversations of which I understand nothing but "Water....crashed! was funny"

Dishes stacked on the counter (instead of the empty sink or empty dishwasher)

Not having to clean my bathrooms (not that we dont do it! But it's a chore Brendan took over when I could no longer bend over to scrub the shower and he's kept it ever since)

A legit excuse to slide down slides at the playground

Going to parks and playgrounds!

One sided arguments (but not so much the "Are you done yet?" look on his face)

The Patience

The Laughter

"So this is interesting..." conversations