Friday, February 27, 2009

My Treasures

At some point in every day I get these little reminders of how much fun I'm having and how wonderful it is to be blessed with children. You don't really understand humor until you have a 2 year old (or an almost 2 year old). Children will always surprise you!

I love these reminders! They make each day so worth it. I now understand why life is made up of 'moments' rather than 'events.' Today's 'moment' was this:

I heard The Elephant complaining from the other room. He likes to draw on the ads while I arrange our menu and grocery list. I had finished and left him to continue his coloring. When I came back after hearing his complaints, he had a pink pencil (that he had ABSOLUTELY insisted on)in one had and a pen in the other and the most distraught expression on his face. Apparently he was having trouble keeping the paper from sliding off the counter, but all I could do was laugh at my head band newly perched atop his head! It was such an unexpected contrast! I fixed the problem and then went to get my camera wishing I could have captured the initial expression. He was so comically angry!

Kids are so unintentionally adorable!

More sweet treasures...

"Mommy Aa-pull!"

"Copper, you're my very best friend..."


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  1. "And you're mine too, Todd!" I love the sweet brothers pictures, especially the diaper pic and the thumb sucking pic. They are growing up too fast! And all we can do is enjoy the moments!