Monday, January 19, 2009

Israel vs. the Palestines

So I just caught up on the recent Israeli/Palestinian events and I'm torn between outrage and sorrow for the injustices. I've been finding many things that tear me in these directions lately and it has required, on occasion, conscious effort to get past the outrage and into the sorrow--which leads me to prayer rather than rampages.

This is yesterday's article in the NY Times, here. The UN is debating whether or not to quantify recent events as war crimes. At this point in my research, I would say they are. I agree with Lisa Schirch in her article I found at

I thought of the situation today as I tried to convince my young children to share and play nice. I imagine that's similar to how the UN feels sometimes. Times like these strengthen my fervor that Christ brings peace. Peace, for which I am ever so grateful. Meanwhile, I pray for that peace and the coming of our Lord and I try harder to maintain the peace in my small corner of the world.


  1. Hey Whitney! It is so fun to see your blog! Your boys are just darling! And so grown up! I totally sympathize with the throw-up event. . . we had one a few weeks ago, only it was Abigail, Tyler (2 x's) and I who lost it. . . SO not fun, poor Peter for having to clean it all up. . .
    Homeschooling has been a lot of fun. We had a "break" while I was so sick with pregnancy #4- it was a long 4 months. I did what I could then, but we are back in the swing of it now. The thing I love best is seeing how excited my children are to learn- they are just little sponges right now! I also love learning their individual learning styles, strengths, and challenges. This time is such a blessing to me.
    I am so glad to be back in touch! Take care!

  2. I really like reading your blog. I have been following the events and feel the same way. Sometimes I think that things have yet to get worse before they can get better but I can make my home a haven from the worlds tempests.