Thursday, March 4, 2010

The UnNecessary "To Do" List

In a world of too many options, there is much to do, see, and experience. There is a large number of things that I would do if the opportunity were to drop into my lap (or the money, for that matter). They would be so fun! but they aren't things that I am going to actively seek or go out of my way to create the opportunity to accomplish. If they happen, they happen. So given unlimited time and/or money I would:

1)become a stunt car driver
2)write a book
3)go to culinary school
4)design a clothing line, accessories included (jewelry, hats, cloves, purses, and shoes!)
5)become a wedding planner
6)have fresh flowers follow me everywhere I go
7)swing on vines in a jungle somewhere
8)learn to speak French fluently
9)visit France, and all the other places whose histories I know so well but there modern realities I've only met in pictures, oh so many pictures.
10)take a voyage on a tall ship, dressed like a pirate and a victorian age upperclass woman's wardrobe in the back for when the weather is cooler
11)walk down the Red Carpet!
12)drive a convertible with a scarf over my hair and white lace gloves! (preferably a 66ish Thunderbird or Mustang!)
13)learn to Ballroom dance.
14)surf and scuba dive
15)do a historic reenactment preferably something Revolutionary Warish
15) make a flapper dress

I'm curious...what's on your Unnecessary To Do list?

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